When can I plant vegetable seeds in Calgary?

I know.  I totally understand.  I feel you.  The days are getting longer, we’ve enjoyed a couple of nice Chinooks recently, and you’re getting excited about spring!  So am I!  But please don’t do anything crazy!  It is only February and we have a looooong way to go still!  You may even be thinking about starting some seeds, but honestly, it is still way too early unless you are a super keen gardener with a greenhouse, in which case you probably don’t need to read the rest of this post…

Below I have copied a post from my old blog where I originally wrote it in 2009.  It was one of my most popular posts:

There are lots of easy to grow vegetables for Calgary zone 3. I start most of my veggies by direct seeding outside because, well, it’s easier. I start tomatoes inside because they need a head start (see below). I also only grow veggies that are really worth the space, i.e. relatively easy to grow and infinitely better when fresh from the garden, e.g. carrots, peas, beans, lettuce, spinach. I tried pumpkins one year but decided they take up too much space and weren’t worth the real estate.

Here is a schedule for planting these as well as many other vegetables with times for seeding indoors and transplanting outside, or seeding directly outside. I copied it with some modifications from The Calgary Gardener, a must-have book by the Calgary Horticultural Society.

Recommended reading: Garden Rant Rules for Beginning Vegetable Gardeners

seed schedule


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